Alex Lee

Full name: Alex Lee
Position in Suede: keyboard player, guitarist, songwriter
Birthplace: Bristol
Birthday: March 16, 1970
Zodiac: Pisces
Sibling(s): ?
Favourite Suede songs: The Wild Ones, Trash, Lost in TV
Favourite bands: Captain Beefheart + the Magic Band, Chic, The Beach Boys, The Pixies, Tom Waits
Favourite food: Anything spicy, roast potatoes, Tom Yum soup
Favourite film: Gregory’s Girl, Godfather 2, Abigail’s Party
Favourite pets: none
Favourite books: American Psycho – Brett Easton Ellis, Head-On – Julian, Cope The Sopranos – Alan Warner
Equipment: Fender Telecaster, Wurlitzer electric piano + other stuff
Previous bands: Lupine Howl, Strangelove, Blue Aeroplanes

Alex Lee’s connection with Suede goes back to early 1995. Then, as a member of Strangelove, he supported Suede at the Dog Man Star tour, including a show at London’s Albert Hall. The two bands were famously covering each other songs at shows. While Strangelove played Killing of a Flashboy, Suede played She’s Everywhere from Strangelove’s second album.

In 1998, Strangelove disintegrated. Alex went to work with the Warm Jets until he was put on stand-by as Neil’s understudy in 1999 Head Music shows. His first UK show with Suede was at Poole Arts Centre in October 1999 and from then he completed the rest of the band’s UK and European dates that year. After the tour, Neil recovered sufficiently but Alex had kept in touch and sent a few song ideas to Brett. One of these, reworked by the rest of the band, emerged as one of the first demos for Suede’s new album. For the second set of demos, Alex actually joined the five members of Suede in the studio to add parts to another of his compositions.

So when Neil made the shock announcement that he was bowing out of Suede, Alex was the obvious choice as his replacement. Being an official member of Suede, he’s currently working on the new songs for Suede’s fifth studio album with the rest of the band.

Being asked how the band popped the question, he replied, “There was a blinding flash of light + a clap of thunder… well actually my mobile went + it was Brett…”
While upon the question “How were the Head Music gigs for you?” he went “The gigs were fantastic – it was like Being John Malkovich where you discover a portal into someone else’s famous world + you can enter when you want + then get dropped off at the side of the road + go home afterwards.”