Brett Anderson

Full name: Brett Lewis Anderson
Position in Suede: lead vocalist, songwriter
Birthplace: Haywards Heath, West Sussex
Birthday: Friday – September 29, 1967
Zodiac: Libra
Sibling(s): Blondine
Favourite Suede songs: The Wild Ones, Saturday Night, He’s Dead, My Dark Star
Favourite David Bowie song: Bewlay’s Brothers
Favourite color: purple
Favourite soup: Gazpacho
Favourite football club: Ipswich Town
Favourite insult: Piss up a rope
Life long ambition he had achieved: Suede
Future dream: world peace

Brett Anderson was one of the founder member of Suede. Raised in Haywards Heath with Mat, he was studying at the Oathall Community College. In his A levels he got three C’s for math, physics and chemistry. He majored town and country planning but then he changed courses after meeting Justine Frischmann who majored architecture. She then became his live-in girlfriend for 3 years and a part of Suede. His favourite place in Haywards Heath was the railway station, because it’s the only way out.

At the age of 8, he wrote an essay against vandals defacing trees. When he was around 12, he played sports seriously and he even ended up in the school team. He held the school record for the 800m for a couple of years. He said, “It was the only way to avoid getting beaten up. All the bullies tended to leave the kids who were good at sport alone…”
One of his first jobs was DJ-ing in Manchester.

His father, Peter Anderson was, and is, a taxi driver who drives a Silver Maestro cab and is very fond of Franz Liszt. He and Brett could argue about, “Is classical music better than pop music?” Other than classical music, Brett’s father loves historical figures like Nelson and Churchill.
Brett’s mother was an actress who died of cancer in 1989. She named Brett after Roger Moore’s character, Lord Brett Sinclair, in her favourite TV show The Persuaders.
His sister left their house when she was only 16. She used to take part in ‘the battle of the volume’ by playing Kate Bush while his father played Franz Lizst and Brett played Crass.

As a child Brett once dreamed of being dead and going to hell. He met the devil and he had to persuade the devil to let him live again. He couldn’t find a rational argument so he pleaded and pleaded.

Brett wanted to be a rock star since he was very young and he simply thought that other people did too. He had many bedroom bands in his youth like The Pigs which theme song became the root of We Are The Pigs; or Geoff which he formed with Mat. He recalled that none of his band members could really play.

His musical career was started when he moved to London in 1988. He worked hard for his dreams and now he has become a rock star as he always wanted. Brett always has an idea of how a perfect band should be and he implemented it on Suede [successfully, if I may add].

He had a longtime girlfriend, an Indian model called Sam [Samantha Cunningham]; he has a cat named Fluffington and he has a flatmate named Alan Fischer. Brett moves from one apartment to another frequently. He’s fond of olives but he’s allergic to mushroom. Brett likes to smoke a lot and he can juggle oranges.