Mat Osman

Full name: Mathew David Osman
Position in Suede: bassist, songwriter
Birthplace: Welwyn Garden City
Birthday: Monday – October 9, 1967
Zodiac: Libra
Sibling(s): Ricky
Favourite insult: Twat/You rancorous coilfurled old sow
Favourite soup: Shawaks Indian
Favourite pet: cat
Favourite football team: Crystal Palace
Hero of all time: Homer Simpson
Worst habit: loud flatulence
Lifelong ambition he had achieved: No.1 in Finland
Lifelong ambition he hadn’t achieved: beat anyone in Suede at cards
What he was on his previous life: Osman II The Lunatic King Of Turkey
What he wants to be carved on his gravestone: I told you I was ill
People’s biggest misconception about him: That I’m in Suede

Mat Osman was a childhood friend of Brett’s, and also one of the founder member of Suede. He was raised in Haywards Heath and he continued his studies to London in the London School of Economics. Mat is the tallest member of the band, and also the one with the best sense of humour.

He admitted that being in Suede has always been his dream. He doesn’t have any idea on what would he be doing without the band…an elegant toilet cleaner maybe, he said. However he also admitted that he never had enough sleep on Suede tours and he sometimes get confused about who he is and where he is. He often gets trouble getting through airports because of his favorite metal-toed boots he carries everywhere.

Having endless legs and lofty body, he often got hidden behind his bandmates in pictures. On Suede’s usual stage formation he stands behind the keyboards.

The best thing about Suede for Mat is the songs. He feels so good when the five of them sit together listening to a song that’s almost finished. Nothing feels like that, according to Mat. He also thinks music is the best form of art and pop music is underrated. The first song he co-wrote was Europe Is Our Playground, an everlasting favourite. As Brett said, “It took him 29 years to write the fucker, but it’s worth it.” Indeed.

Mat spends all his money on CDs. He can buy 20 pieces at a single purchase, in belief that he would find at least 1 great song that he could play for the rest of the band. He thinks it’s the best buy.