Alex Lee

Full name: Alex Lee Position in Suede: keyboard player, guitarist, songwriter Birthplace: Bristol Birthday: March 16, 1970 Zodiac: Pisces Sibling(s): ? Favourite Suede songs: The Wild Ones, Trash, Lost in TV Favourite bands: Captain Beefheart + the Magic Band, Chic, The Beach Boys, The Pixies, Tom Waits Favourite food: Anything spicy, roast potatoes, Tom Yum …

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Neil Codling

Full name: Neil John Codling Position in Suede: keyboard player-vocalist-songwriter [retired] Birthplace: Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire Birthday: Wednesday – December 5, 1973 Zodiac: Sagittarius Sibling(s): Paul Favourite Suede songs: The Wild Ones, Filmstar, Money Favourite football team: Aston Villa Favourite soup: Mulligatawny Favourite soap: Eastenders Favourite insult: Why don’t you fuck off! Long life ambition he hadn’t …

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Richard Oakes

Full name: Richard John Oakes Position in Suede: guitarist, songwriter Birthplace: Perivale, West London Birthday: Friday – October 1, 1976 Zodiac: Libra Sibling(s): Kate, Stephan Favourite insult: Cobblers! Hobby: sleep Lovetype: s#xy Lifelong ambition he had achieved: No.1 album Lifelong ambition he hadn’t achieved: No.1 single What he was on his previous life: stray cat …

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