Neil Codling

Full name: Neil John Codling
Position in Suede: keyboard player-vocalist-songwriter [retired]
Birthplace: Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
Birthday: Wednesday – December 5, 1973
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Sibling(s): Paul
Favourite Suede songs: The Wild Ones, Filmstar, Money
Favourite football team: Aston Villa
Favourite soup: Mulligatawny
Favourite soap: Eastenders
Favourite insult: Why don’t you fuck off!
Long life ambition he hadn’t achieved: Learning to high jump
Song he wishes he has written: I’ll Be Your Mirror (Velvet Underground)
What he wants to be carved on his gravestone: Here lies Neil Codling…he’s dead

Neil Codling comes from a rather wealthy family. He was raised in Stratford-upon-Avon, the beautiful town of Shakespeare. He was going to Bridgetown J and I on his elementary years, continued on to King Edward V School on his high school years. On October 1992 he moved to Hull, majoring English and Drama in university. He graduated three years later with 2:1 (which means he’s very good). He didn’t see his cousin Simon Gilbert a lot in his childhood, only on Christmas.

His entrance to Suede often being taken cynically by public due to his handsome look. He got in the band after he hung around their studio so much… at that time he was living nearby the studio in London. He came to borrow a suit from Simon and just sort of stayed, recalled Brett about him. He never got the suit, though. Neil is an occasional model and he often got thrown by his bandmates to smile sweetly and look handsome for magazines while they’re off doing something else.

His first appearance for Suede took place in Hanover Grand, on a secret fanclub gig. It was January 27, 1996. His first public performance with Suede was on September 1996. On stage he often looks bored. Sometimes he even smokes between his turns to play, like when the band’s playing an old song of theirs. He admits that to be a kind of image for him. However in studio he’s not as relaxed as he looks on stage. He does work hard for the band. His favourite song to play live is Picnic by the Motorway.

Neil is the best cricket player in the band, and also the best smoker. He often found in hotel lobbies early in the morning, smoking and snapping couldn’t sleep. He can juggle oranges, not more than 3 at a time, and he would like to fence. Neil often does brown-rice diet and fasts. He recommended the brown-rice diet to Brett during the process of recording Coming Up. In fact he looked pale one evening during one of his fasts, and he came up the next morning with Starcrazy. He contributes his vocals on a marvellous b-side Digging A Hole, which he wrote by himself.

Neil has a dreadful on-line bookstore habit. He would order obscure fiction, medical, philosophical books — anything he could get his hands on, and later he’d get their manager pay for them because he doesn’t have a credit card!

His last appearance with Suede was the Iceland Airwaves Festival, October 21, 2000. On March 23, 2001, he quit from Suede, causing shock and tears to many, due to his chronic fatigue syndrome illness.