Simon Gilbert

Full name: Simon Gilbert
Position in Suede: drummer
Birthplace: Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
Birthday: Sunday – May 23, 1965
Zodiac: Gemini
Sibling(s): Sarah
Blood type: A-
Treasure: dog
Words he says often: You know what I mean?
Four words to describe himself: I am a drummer
Favourite insult: You little shit!
Favourite soup: tomato
Song he wished he had written: Happy Birthday
Lifelong ambition he had achieved: living
Lifelong ambition he hadn’t achieved: more living
What he wants to be carved on his gravestone: RIP dead poof

Simon Gilbert was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Being an 8-years-older-cousin of Neil Codling, he had seen Neil in diapers. They didn’t meet much in their childhood, though. Simon is openly gay. He was once beaten up by a gay basher in 1995 while he was walking out of a gay bar with Paul Codling (Neil’s older brother) who’s also a gay. Paul was being beaten as well.

Simon was selling tickets in London ULU when he was recruited by Suede. He said that drums are the easiest instruments to play. On their first video, Animal Nitrate, Simon admitted that all his mum’s friends thought Brett was a woman.

He likes reading fanzines and he has them stacked up in his mum’s house. He also likes to tape his band with his camera… he likes it so much that he’s already got over 60 tapes of Suede on road – 3 hours each. Some of his shots are used in the Europe Is Our Playground video and some others are featured as the multimedia in Filmstar single. It would be useful as he was very forgetful, he said. He can also show off in front of his family and friends, not to mention how memorial his collection would be if Suede have to split for some reasons.

Simon has a dog he loves a lot called George, a cute golden retriever that appeared in the beginning of Saturday Night video. He takes George out a lot while he’s not touring and he talks about it a lot on tours. George takes Pedigree as his food.

Simon is known to be very friendly to his fans. He also likes to throw his drum sticks to the audience after gigs, who would happily fight to get those. And Simon likes to smoke. His bandmates see him as the most vain member of the band, and the best dressed.

A couple of years ago he met his father who he never met before. His sister tracked him down, and he turned out to be a sound technician at BBC. Simon started to worry about what he’d think about his band’s sound quality.